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Testimonials for
Yello Dyno's Can't Fool Me! CD

Songs by David Ham

"Can't Fool Me! has the finest music I have ever heard on a children's record, and my son concurs."
- Don Kulak, President, Independent Music Association

"There are ways to teach children about keeping themselves safe that will not scare them, and the Can't Fool Me! album is one of them. This music is upbeat, sophisticated, and very well produced. I loved it!" - P.J. Swift, Children's Radio Producer

"Not since Sesame Street have I learned so much from music. It's terrific!" - Pamela Benjamin, President, Rock 'N' Baby Boomers

"I played the new music album for my seven-year-old and she danced with almost reckless abandon. It was really pleasant to see. I didn't have a video camera. I wish I did. My wife is an elementary school teacher of 20 years. She sat with me as our little one danced around. She was very impressed. Can't Fool Me! is truly foot stompin' and memory enhancin'. The 'hookiness' is great. The memory hooks are clearly evident. The hooks work, and work clearly. I like it a lot, but watching such a positive reaction from our seven-year-old was really great."- Anthony La Bella, J.D., Child Custody Attorney, NY

"This CD is a valuable tool for effectively sharing the importance of 'personal' safety with children. Music has the ability to teach children so many things and this product provides a creative way to teach a very important subject. We tested this product on children five to eight and they loved it! They were dancing and singing along - definitely hooked!" - Kym Pahoundis, President, Vision Quest Marketing

"I love it. Can't get it out of my head. It's a home run."
- Barry Geller, parent and graphic designer, Santa Cruz, California

"From the moment I turned on Can't Fool Me! my five- and six-year-old grandkids were off the couch and dancing." - Dan Schwartz, grandfather and marketing consultant, Sacramento, California

"It's child safety day at McDonald's and I'm playing the music. People really love it.
One three-year-old is dancing in her chair eating french fries. The music works!"- Michael De Luca, parent and Yello Dyno Director

"The kids LOVE the music. They LOVE it! They ask me to play it all the time. You don't realize that the safety is sinking in ..."- Wendy Rossworn, mom, FL

"I have utilized the music in my programs and have had nothing but positive comments from the students and faculty. I recommend all D.A.R.E. officers have an opportunity to try the music as it is definitely in line with what the D.A.R.E. curriculum is all about."
- Stephen M. Clark, U.S. Park Ranger and D.A.R.E. Officer, Coulee Dam, WA




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" Music is a more potent instrument than any other form of education."- Plato

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What Kids Think About Can't Fool Me!

"My favorite song is G.O.M.F., especially the part that goes, 'tell that big turkey, hey, get outta my face'."
- Dusty Sageman, sixth grader, Austin, Texas

Protecting Our Preteen Girls
At the theater one night my 13-year-old daughter, Luisa, quickly 'Cut the Dialogue' when she was approached by an elderly man. He asked her, 'Are you an actress?' 'Were you in the play tonight?' 'No,' she said. Then he asked 'Are you alone?' 'No ... and that's my dad and uncle, and please be careful because I don't want them to go to jail.' 'Oh, why?' he asked. 'Because if they see you laying your rap on me they might just hit you!' Then she walked over to us and asked, 'Do you think I cut the dialogue, Dad?' We laughed and nodded, then she burst into song singing, 'You can do it kinda' clumsy, or you can do it with grace, but you tell that big turkey, 'Hey, get outta my face!'"- Gerald Meyerman, dad, Guatemala City, Guatemala

"We were in the mall and something scary happened to my daughter. She looked up at me and said, 'Mommy, when we go home I want to listen to Yello Dyno because he makes me feel safe.' The music has really impacted her. She loves it. And she just heard me talking about it to you. Now she wants to go play it again!"- Robyn Gross, mom, Pasadena, Maryland

"My little five-year-old girl, who is so adorable everyone hugs her
and picks her up, used the music to get people to stop overdoing it. She asked me to help her memorize the words to My Body's Mine. 'I need to sing the words to people so they
know that my body is mine,' she announced."
- Suzanne Ward, mom, Austin, Texas

"My 10-year-old son, who is a very tough customer, goes around singing My Body's Mine, Mine, Mine! And I just videotaped my three-year-old who couldn't sit still, doing a cool little dance to the whole song."- Dr. George Jones, parent and pastor, Lynchburg, Virginia

"My 9-year-old son is with me here today and your Can't Fool Me! album is the coolest thing we found at this whole PTA convention. We love it!" - President of a New York State PTA



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