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The Yello Dyno Yell!

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Can't Fool Me!


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen ...What all y'all have been waitin' for ... would you welcome ... quiet down now ... quiet down ... would you please welcome ... that Purveyor of Protection, that paleontolic personality, that barry totin', foot-stompin', tail-thumpin', safety maven o' soul ... brothers and sisters... give it up for Yello Dyno!

YD: (laugh) YEAH!

[Audience Goes Nuts]

YD: Let me hear you say YEAH!

Crowd: Yeah

YD: Let me hear you say YEAH!

Crowd: Yeah

YD: Let me hear you say YEAH!

Crowd: Yeah


Crowd: Yeah


Crowd: Yeah

YD: YEAH! Oh, oh, no, hold the band...

[Band Stops Playing]

YD: Now you gonna have ta do better than that on the yell. Ol' Yello Dyno just can't get the band motivated with that performance. Let's try the girls. I'll say "Yeah," you say "Yeah" back. OK? Ready? YEAH!

Girls: Yeah!

YD: Now the boys, YEAH!

Boys: Yeah!

YD: Now together, YEEAAAH!

Both: Yeeaah!



YD: That's pretty good. But I just don't think that's gonna get the band started. That right guys?

[Squeak From Band]

YD: See what I mean?
I tell you what. I'll share with you an ancient Dyno secret handed down to me from my grandfather's grandfather. It's the secret of the Yello Dyno Yell! (laugh) O.K. girls, you first. Take your breath way down, down, ... 2 inches past the belly button. Take a big breath and let it out. Ready? YEAAAAAH!

Girls: YEEAAH!!

YD: Wow! Now boys! YEAAAAAH!

Boys: YEEAAH!!

YD: Yeah! Now you got to help me y'all. You got to get down, you got to give me some help. And as you know, we all need help sometimes. So when you need help ... you got to have it. You got to say "Help, this is not my DAD!" Go!

Both: Help! This is not my DAD!

YD: Yeah! And you say, "Help! This is not my MOM!"

Both: Help! This is not my MOM!

YD: Yes! "Help! This is not my BROTHER!"

Both: Help! This is not my BROTHER!

YD: Yes! You have done it. You have the ancient secret! You have the power! The Power of the Yello Dyno Yell! YEEEAAAAH!

MUSIC: Dyno Stomp

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. Give it up for that paleontolic personality, that safety maven of soul - Yello Dyno!

YD: Hope you enjoy the Show ... and remember ... SAFETY RULES!

Copyright 1996 Yello Dyno, Inc.


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About the song
The Yello Dyno Yell!

Like an energetic pep rally, Yello Dyno himself leads off the Can't Fool Me! safety music concert to a "foot-stomping" start by teaching boys and girls how to yell for help properly. With his "cool," soulful "Blues Brothers" personality, he cuts right through children's lack of understanding about what makes a "from-the-gut" yell that will truly attract attention. Yello Dyno's playful dialogue also breaks down children's natural embarrassment about yelling to attract attention to themselves in public places. And Yello Dyno also teaches children important phrases to yell if they are ever in trouble, such as, "This is not my dad!" What kid won't love being let in on the ancient "Paleozoic secret" of yelling?

"There are ways to teach children about keeping themselves safe that will not scare them, and the new Can't Fool Me! album is one of them. This music is upbeat, sophisticated, and very well produced. I loved it!"
- P.J. Swift, parent, children's radio producer, Santa Cruz, CA

The Power of Lyrics
"Take three steps back and run like the wind!"
- Lyrics from the song, Tricky People!

"Your children learn simple lyrics attached to memorable songs. They are left with a joyous image of running like the wind... but in a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and they act on them to stay safe."
- David Ham, song writer of the
Can't Fool Me! CD

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