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MY Body's Mine!

1 of 8 songs on
Can't Fool Me!


Chorus 1
My body's mine
Mine, mine
My body's mine
Mine, mine
I can take it to school
I can keep my cool
`Cause you know my body's mine

My body's mine
Mine, mine
My body's mine
Mine, mine
I am no fool
I play by the rules
`Cause I know my body's mine

Verse 1
Just the other day
A lady came up to me
She said "This is the cutest little guy
That I have ever seen"
And then she hugged
So tight my air was gone
So I said "NO! That hurts me so"
And sang my body song

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
Well wouldn't you know
I saw this stranger in the mall
He looked real nice
But I thought twice
And you know that I said "NO!"
And then I moved
At least three steps back
In my heart was a bell
So I ran to tell
And I sang my song like that

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 3
Well we all know
When we go to the pool
What my bathing suit covers
Is private and mine
And that's a safety rule
You don't touch me there
`Cause I will run and tell
It's against the law
And I'll tell what I saw
And sing my body song

[Repeat Chorus]

Copyright 1996 Yello Dyno, Inc.


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About the song
My Body's Mine!


There are songs that are just meant to be danced to, songs that even if you wanted to you couldn't stop your body from moving to the beat. So it's appropriate that a song that teaches children that they have rights regarding their bodies should be a song that you just have to move your body to. This Caribbean dance tune teaches children in a fun way that they can choose the level of physical affection that is comfortable to them. It also approaches the sometimes difficult-to-talk-about-topic of "private parts" in a fun, playful manner - "what my bathing suit covers is private and mine, and that's a safety rule." Also, this song's lyrics are the kind that you just can't get out of your head, especially five little words that will help children keep themselves safer: "My body's mine, mine, mine!"

"My little five-year-old girl, who is so adorable everyone hugs her and picks her up, used the music to get people to stop overdoing it. She asked me to help her memorize the words to 'My Body's Mine.' 'I need to sing the words to people so they know that my body is mine,' she announced bravely."
- Suzanne Ward, mom, Austin, Texas

The Power of Lyrics
"Take three steps back and run like the wind!"
- Lyrics from the song, Tricky People!

"Your children learn simple lyrics attached to memorable songs. They are left with a joyous image of running like the wind... but in a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and they act on them to stay safe."- David Ham, song writer of the Can't Fool Me! CD

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