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If Your Parents Get Lost !

1 of 8 songs on
Can't Fool Me!


Verse 1
Rhythm Chorus
Where did you go?
Where did you go?
You were right here just a moment ago! Verse 1
I'm awalkin' through the mall
I'm awalkin' real tall
I'm findin' help right here
I'll betcha mom's real scared

Mom's probably just runnin' behind
She'll do better next timeI find the lady at the counter
And I speak real clear
"I need some HELP!"
I'm gonna stick around here

Mom's probably just runnin' behind
She'll do better next time

[Repeat Rhythm Chorus]


Verse 2
I'm in a ballpark
And it's gettin' kinda darkI yell for Dad real loud
I might even draw a crowd

Dad's probably just runnin' behind
He'll do better next time

I can find a mom with kids
I'll be glad if I did
Ah! a security guard
That wasn't very hard
Dad's probably just runnin' behind
He'll do better next time

[Repeat Rhythm Chorus]

Verse 3
So if your parents get lost
It's your turn to be the boss
I'll be walkin' real tall
And in no time at all
They'll be laughin' and cryin'
They showed up in no time

They'll be laughin' and cryin'
They showed up in no time

Copyright 1996 Yello Dyno, Inc.


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About the song
IYour Parent's Get Lost ™

If a child gets lost in a mall or ball park he has the task of getting himself found. To do that, he needs to do the right thing quickly and do it with confidence. First of all, this song sets up a sweet twist for the child: it's his parents who are lost, not him, and he must find them. By instructing children through the use of two specific stories about how children find their parents, this song dispels the two worst things a child can do if he is lost - wander around and look scared. The clear, strong, "walk tall" voice of the female singer (mom) and the soothing voice of the male singer (dad) do more than just tell children what to do, they evoke the feeling of strength and confidence that a child needs to "be the boss," to find a security guard or a mom with kids, and to find their "lost parents." Moreover, the last verse of this song gives children a strong message of hope: if they are ever lost, they can follow the safety rules "and in no time at all" find their lost parents.

"I played the new music album for my seven year old and she danced throughout the entire first side of the cassette with almost reckless abandon. It was really pleasant to see. I didn't have a video camera. I wish I did. My wife is an elementary school teacher of 20 years. She sat with me as our little one danced around. She was very impressed. Can't Fool Me! is truly 'foot stompin' and memory enhancin'. The 'hookiness' is great. The memory hooks are clearly evident. The hooks work, and work clearly. I like it a lot, but watching such a positive reaction from our seven year old was really great.'"
Toots La Bella, J.D., dad and Child Custody Attorney, Middletown, NY

The Power of Lyrics
"Take three steps back and run like the wind!"
- Lyrics from the song, Tricky People!

"Your children learn simple lyrics attached to memorable songs. They are left with a joyous image of running like the wind... but in a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and they act on them to stay safe."
- David Ham, song writer of the
Can't Fool Me! CD

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