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Get Out Of
My Face!

1 of 8 songs on
Can't Fool Me!


Verse 1
I'm the kinda kid
Who likes to go to town
I play a little ball
You can say I get around
But here's a little something
You just might want to know
In case

Chorus 1
If a stranger comes to you
And starts to lay a rap
Don't hang around
Don't fall for his trap

Take three steps back

It's a natural fact
You can do it kinda clumsy
You can do it with grace
But you tell that big turkey
"Hey, Get Outta My Face"



Verse 2
You see I'd rather be safe
Than always polite
Your mom or dad will tell you
That night after night
'Cause some apples taste great
Some apples have a worm

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Verse 3
So if after "Hello"
And you say "Hi" back
Cut the conversation
Take three steps back

'Cause even when it rains
You naturally run inside

Chorus 2

Ya got your eyes that can see
Ya got your ears that can hear
Ya got your heart that can feel
Ya got your feet that can get up
And run like the wind

"Hey Jack, Get Outta My Face"

You can do it kinda clumsy
You can do it with grace
But you tell that big turkey
"Hey, Get Outta My Face"

Copyright 1996 Yello Dyno, Inc.


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About the song
Get Out Of My Face!

There is only one way to give children the attitude they need to walk away from an adult who might try to strike up an inappropriate conversation, or "lay a rap," on them - a country western boogie. Most children are polite to adults, but to follow the safety rule of not talking to people they do not know, children may have to "cut the dialogue" with an overbearing adult at some point in their life. This song gives them that right. The strong male singer in G.O.M.F. (Get Outta My Face) instructs them how to best do that - "you can do it kinda clumsy or you can do it with grace" - and he gives children the confidence, or "attitude," to accomplish what can be a difficult task for a child. This song also talks to kids in a way they can understand so that they can keep themselves safe - and, hey, if an adult ever attempts to cross your child's safety line your child can just "tell that big turkey, hey, get out of my face!."

"At the theater one night my 13-year-old daughter, Luisa, quickly ' Cut the Dialogue' when she was approached by an elderly man. He asked her, 'Are you an actress?' 'Were you in the play tonight?' 'No,' she said. Then he asked 'Are you alone?' 'No ... and that's my dad and uncle, and please be careful because I don't want them to go to jail.' 'Oh, why?' he asked. 'Because if they see you laying your rap on me they might just kill you!' Then she walked over to us and asked, 'Do you think I cut the dialogue, Dad?' We laughed and nodded, then she burst into song singing, 'You can do it kinda' clumsy, or you can do it with grace, but you tell that big turkey, 'Hey, get outta my face!'"
- Gerald Meyerman, dad and Head of SAFE-T-CHILD Latin America, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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