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We Trust Our Feelings

1 of 8 songs on
Can't Fool Me!


Verse 1
There's a light up in the sky
It's no bigger than your eye
And it shines upon the earth
It's there at each and every birth

You see it lives way down inside
And it's there for all your life
You know it's really very smart
It's the light of your heart

Chorus 1
And this sweet light acts like an ocean
Warm, whirling, moving deep inside
And this light is our true feelings
We trust our feelings all the time

Verse 2
So when your light says something's wrong
You should act - not wait too long
When you're feeling all alone
You have the power to be strong

You touch the light down in your heart
It's so easy - just a thought
It's the same around the world
For every guy and every girl

Chorus 1
And this sweet light acts like an ocean
Warm, whirling, moving deep inside
And this light is our true feelings
We trust our feelings all the time

Chorus 2
Can you feel your own heart light?
Like the ocean moving deep inside
When you trust your inner feelings
You'll have an ocean on your side
You'll have an ocean on your side

Copyright 1996 Yello Dyno, Inc.


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About the song
We Trust Our Feelings

This charming ballad reawakens children's natural instincts and feelings "way down inside." Unfortunately, even when we are very young we start to believe that our natural instincts may not be valid or can't be trusted. The sweet, motherly female singer in this song not only lets children know that their inner feelings really exist and that those feelings deserve respect, she explains to them that these feelings have a tremendous amount of power behind them that can actually help keep them safe. You can almost see her hugging each child as she sings, "When you trust your inner feelings you'll have an ocean on your side."

"We were in the mall and something scary happened to my daughter. She looked up at me and said, 'Mommy, when we go home I want to listen to Yello Dyno because he makes me feel safe.' The music has really impacted her. She loves it. And she just heard me talking about it to you. Now she wants to go play it again!.'"
- Robyn Gross, mom, Pasadena, Maryland

The Power of Lyrics
"Take three steps back and run like the wind!"
- Lyrics from the song, Tricky People!

"Your children learn simple lyrics attached to memorable songs. They are left with a joyous image of running like the wind... but in a time of crisis these lyrics come right back and they act on them to stay safe."- David Ham, song writer of the Can't Fool Me! CD

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