David Ham

Songwriter and Producer of Can't Fool Me!

During his remarkable career, David has traveled the world creating radio, television, and billboard communication, and is one of the leading jingle writers of our time. Adept at creating "mnemonic hooks," his unforgettable music and lyrics have won over 1,000 broadcast awards, including nine Clio nominations, six Best of Canada Awards, and three International Broadcast Awards. A loving father, David is also an accomplished Aikido instructor (non-violent martial art).
This combination of musical talent, love for children, and personal safety expertise makes David the perfect choice for writing and producing this special children's music. He writes dynamic songs that have the ability to educate, excite, and empower children to stay free from danger. Through Aikido, David has learned that safety concepts come from the heart and that love is the foundation of strength. He has also, miraculously, helped take this difficult subject and make it non-fearful and accessible. Yello Dyno's Can't Fool Me! is sure to be added to his long list of awards.

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