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Art In Education
Artists In School

Yello Dyno has offered classroom presentations for the last ten years in 20 school districts in Nassau County.

2004 Evaluations of the Yello Dyno Classroom Presentations by school districts in Nassau County, NY

About Nassau Boces Arts In Education:
With direction and guidance provided by the Arts Education Advisory Council, Nassau BOCES Arts in Education Program offers services that are essential to the vitality of music, art, dance, theatre arts and creative writing curricula in Nassau County schools. The Arts in Education Program also supports interdisciplinary learning, which enhances all areas of the curriculum.

Under the rubric of "Artists in Schools", performances, workshops, residencies, professional development and individually tailored programs are offered in cooperation with artists and arts organizations representing many different disciplines. These experiences provide students and teachers with a lens through which they encounter a broad range of cultures, styles and ways of looking at the wor







Research Links

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3. Self-Efficacy

4. Rational Decisions guided by Emotion

5. Humor Plays a Powerful Role In Balancing Negative Emotions, Such As Fear

6. How The Brain Learns Best:
The Bob-and-Weave Lecture

7. The Importance of Play in Learning

8. Children can be attentive and receptive or incapable of learning

9. Statistics

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