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"Unless your children recognize deceptive behavior of Tricky People who mean them harm, it doesn't matter what safety rules you teach them."
Jan Wagner

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Sex Offender Legislation and Programs, a list from the beginning (as of September 2007)

More police and more courts and more prisons and better investigative techniques are fine, but the only way crime is going to go down is if all of us simply stop accepting and tolerating it in our families, our friends, and our associates. This is the lesson from other countries with far lower numbers than ours. Only this type of grassroots solution, in my opinion, will be effective. Crime is a moral problem. It can only be resolved on a moral level....
- Mind Hunter - John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

• The 1992 national protective service costs of investigation and services for child abuse was $500,000,000; hospital costs $800,000,000; mental health $815,000,000 for therapeutic care and counseling, and $2.8 billion for hospitalization.
-The Exchange Club Abuse Prevention Center.

• Every incident of child sexual abuse costs the victim and society $99,000.
-Miller, Cohen & Wiersema, 1996.

• Violence against children is one of the least documented areas of personal crime. Out-of-pocket costs for child victims are estimated to be more than $21 billion annually in medical costs, lost earnings, and public costs related to victim assistance. When pain, suffering, and the lost quality of life are estimated then the annual cost is estimated at $157 billion.
-Victim Costs and Consequences, U.S. Department of Justice February 1996 Child Victimizers: Violent Offenders and Their Victims U.S. Department of Justice March 1996, NCJ-153258



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