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Yello Dyno is The Foundation for All Anti-Victimization Education
"Unless your children recognize deceptive behavior of Tricky People who mean them harm, it doesn't matter what safety rules you teach them."
Jan Wagner


In 80% of abductions by strangers, the first contact occurs within a quarter mile of the child's home. In many cases, the abduction does too.
- 1990 U.S. Justice Department

61% of teenagers said students shoot others because they have been victims of physical abuse at home.
- Bureau of Justice, 2001

Because Yello Dyno cares so much about turning the tide of abuse in its many forms, we are happy to provide statistics (see links in left column of this page) for your edification.

We applaud your efforts to become more informed in your pursuit of child safety, and encourage you to let us know if we can be of any further help to you. It's why we're here.

More information on these topics are availble in Yello Dyno's Just the Facts section.

"...Twenty-five years of observation has also told me that criminals are more 'made' than 'born,' which means that somewhere along the line, someone who provided a profound negative influence could have provided a profound positive one instead. So what I truly believe is that along with more money and police and prisons, what we most need more of is love. This is not being simplistic; it's at the very heart of the issue..."
- Mind Hunter, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker


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The Price of Child Abuse: Hidden, Lifelong Costs

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